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      Valve Cv Figures

      Cv values for valves available from CRP can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

      Ball Valves

      AKH2 Full Bore Ball Valve  
      AKH3 Reduced Bore Ball Valve  
      AKH2A Full bore Ball Valve  
      AMP3 3 Way Ball Valve  
      Plug Valves  
      G4 Series Plug Valves    

      T4E Series Plug Valve     
      Butterfly Valves

      BTV2000 Butterfly Valve

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567