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      Azeotropic Separation Sight Glasses

      CRP has designed and supplied many different types of special sight glasses. We can supply tubular sight glass types with the same stainless steel tie rod cage and heavy wall borosilicate glass as our range of CTSG sight glasses but with specially manufactured flange ends to suit customer connection requirements. For higher working pressures we can supply lined fully lined steel constructions with elongated borosilicate glass windows or windows at each end. Liners are bonded in position and are suitable for use under full vacuum.

      Tubular Sight Glasses


       Azeotropic Seperation Sight Glasses  Stainless Steel Tubular Sight Glass  

      The flange ends are designed to suit the customers connection requirements, typically the steel is fully lined to all wetted parts in injection moulded PFA, manipulated PTFE or bonded FEP liners. The use of these fluoropolymers coupled with the borosilicate glass gives excellent corrosion resistance to nearly all organic and inorganic chemicals.  The 360 degree view area makes process reaction viewing very easy.

      Sheet Lined Steel Sight Glasses

      By utilising a steel housing and bonding a fluoropolymer sheet lining to this higher working pressures can be obtained. The trade off to this is that the viewing window areas are reduced. All sight glasses are supplied fully assembled and tested with design calculations to prove their integrity. 

      FEP LIned Azeotropic Seperator

      Contact Details

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      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
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      Ancillaries and Modifications

      All our range of Sight Glasses can be supplied with varied options including viewing lamps, safety shields, double windows, flow indicators etc.

      For further information on the range of Sight Glasses please use the menu on the left

      For a quotation or information on any aspect of our range please contact us on 01706 756 400