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      Sight Glass Options

      All of our sight glasses, be it the tubular or bulls eye sight glass types can be supplied with various modifications to enhance their performance in certain areas.

      Typical modifications include flow indicators, double windows in bulls eyes sight glasses offering increased safety. Viewing lamps can be supplied fully assembled to the sight glasses to aid process viewing etc. If you require a modification to our sight glasses or an enhancement not listed please give us a call to discuss and we will see if we can help.


      Ball float sightglass with threaded NPT end connections. Used to prevent liquid being drawn down a vacuum line whilst allowing gas to flow through.

      Tubular sight glass type CTSG fitted with integral PTFE flow indicator



      PTFE rotor assembly PTFE rotor assembly for Bulls Eye Sight Glass

      Bulls Eye sight glass shown here fitted with two additional borosilicate glass windows.  A PFA gasket separates the two glasses and an external PTFE ring protects the glass periphery.  

      Tubular sight glass fitted with viewing lamp suitable for use in ATEX zones.


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