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      Health and Safety

      Taking samples from processes can be very hazardous both to the operator and the environment. Often taking samples from a hazardous process has involved the operator having to wear breathing apparatus and full chemical protection suits. The sample taken could create toxic fumes, be corrosive or both.

      Duty of Care
      It is the duty of the employer to provide operator protection sufficient to satisfy HSE executive rules thereby ensuring safe working conditions for the operator. The cost of supplying protective clothing and breathing apparatus and the time involved in putting on and removing this equipment are all factors increasing the cost of taking the sample.

      Levels of Containment
      CRP's range of sampling equipment has several levels of containment available to protect the operator from contact with the sample. These containment safety levels are designed to isolate the operator from the sample and any fumes given off negating the need for the operator to wear full body suits etc. Whilst still maintaining that they are operating in a safe environment.

      Risk Reduction
      Taking samples is not without risks. Samples may have many hazards to the operator depending on the process.
      CRP's equipment can be successfully used to drastically reduce the risk to operators. Hazards can include:

      Hot samples? CRP offer volumetric and coil heat exchangers to cool the sample to a safe temperature for the operator to handle.

      Corrosive samples ? CRP offer PFA lined and Hastelloy sample equipment these materials offer excellent all round corrosive protection.

      Toxic samples? CRP offer PTFE / Silicone septum arrangements for sample bottles.

      Toxic Fumes? CRP offer Safety cabinets with extraction flange connections. Sample cabinets fitted with glove ports etc.

      Sample Containment ? CRP offers Syringe samplers these prevent any sample or fume release into the atmosphere.

      Any one of these solutions can be utilised on its own or several of these solutions can be used together to build a safe, reliable sampling system for the operator to use and well within the guidelines set out by the HSE.

      For additional safety for the operator when sampling very toxic substances CRP can supply fully certified containment cabinets, these offer very high containment levels to specific O.E.L.s

      Contact Details

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      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
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