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      Why Take Samples?

      Customers process batches are often complex and expensive to produce, quality and purity standards are set very high, reactions within the process need to be monitored and changes made to the process as required to maintain consistency.
      Campaigns can take only a few hours to several days to complete, chemists need to be able to confirm that the reaction is complete before moving on the next or draining the reactor and finishing the process. Taking samples either throughout the process cycle or at the end to confirm the correct formula is important to ensure the final product will be within limits.  

      In modern day fine chemical production often what is manufactured one month has changed completely the month after producing batches of product on a subcontract basis. These chemical plants are designed to be multipurpose to facilitate a wide range of processes. Time is often lacking to be able to carefully craft and perfect the whole reaction process. Taking regular representative samples is very advantageous in saving time and swiftly enabling formula changes to be made to maintain the desired reaction.

      Sampling is also used where third party chemicals are being introduced into the process such as on tanker off loading where it is difficult to obtain a sample from the vessel without creating hazards and contamination. Samples can be quickly and easily taken using in-line sampling devices to monitor the quality of the supply directly into your holding tanks.

       CRP has many years experience in designing and supplying sampling systems to meet these demands. These sampling systems can be fitted to process pipelines or reactors & vessels to suit the requirement.

      To help with correctly matching the sampling solution with the application CRP has devised a questionnaire to help guide engineers when discussing sampling applications.

      Please click here to download the Sampling Questionnaire

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