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      G4E Europa Metallic sleeved Plug Valve

      Manufactured by Durco the inventors non lubricated plug valves, the G4E is the best choice for difficult chemical applications and line isolation, their large sealing areas offer better shut off than other valves and emissions to the environment are as good as specially designed severe service valves. They are a good choice for slurry handling and can be used in services up to 200 degrees C. The tapered interference fit of the plug is locked into place. PTFE sleeve means that the sleeve totally surrounds the plug leaving no cavities within the valve for any product hold up.

      Durco G4E Plug Valve   
      To suit PN 10 / 16 piping systems
      To suit pipework NB Face - Face A CL to end of wrench B CL to top of wrench C
      Inches mm mm mm mm
      1/2" 15 130 152 121
      3/4" 20 150 152 121
      1" 25 160 178 122
      1.1/2" 40 200 229 140
      2" 50 230 305 160
      3" 80 310 457 190
      4" 100 350 762 229
      6" 150 480 G/O G/O

      Like all the plug valves in the Durco product range the valve can be adjusted inline, the adjustment screws on the top of the valve act on the plug reseating it within the PTFE sleeve.
      The G4E has an ISO5211 actuator mounting platform for easy actuator mounting. The valve is available in a very wide range of metals and alloys from ductile cast iron to exotic metals like titanium and zirconium.

      For a quotation please give our sales team a call on 01706 756400

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