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      Mach 1 - High Performance Plug Valve 

      The Mach 1 is the next generation of plug valve from Durco. The valve uses a pair of PFA encapsulated taper seat inserts to replace the traditional PTFE sleeve used in the G4 series. The valve has many unique features making it outperform comparable plug valves.

       Durco Mach 1 Plug Valve  

      To suit ASME 150 Piping, For ASME 300 click here or ASME 600 click here
      To suit pipework NB Face - Face A CL to end of wrench B CL tp top of wrench C
      Inches mm mm mm mm
      1" 25 127 178 118
      1.1/2" 40 165.1 229 126
      2" 50 177.8 305 158
      3" 80 203.2 508 170
      4" 100 228.6 759 236
      6" 150 266.7 1168 269

          • Lower turning torque – Reduced actuation costs
          • High working temperature performance up to 274o C
          • Easy seat replacement with minimal tools 
          • ISO 5211 actuator mounting pad

      The valve is available in a wide range of alloys to suit the process and  supplied as standard with an approved locking plate, it can be easily reseated in line by adjusting the top cap adjuster fasteners, pushing the plug into the taper seat to reseal. Whilst a live loaded reverse lip PFA diaphragm provides secondary stem sealing to prevent environmental leaks. 
      The Mach 1 is available in sizes 1”NB up to 6”NB in class 150, class 300 and class 600 (derated) designs.

          • Fire Sealed – To API 607 minimal environmental leakage 
          • Marathon design for High Cycle applications
          • V-Ported plugs in various trim options for precise flow control
          • Flanged, socket / butt weld and threaded end connections

      For a quotation please contact our sales office on 01706 756 400 or

      Contact Details

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