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      Plug Valves

      CRP is the UK distributor for Flowserve’s range of Durco plug valves. We supply both metallic sleeved plug valves and fully PTFE / PFA lined valves. Plug valves offer exceptional bubble tight shut off, can be adjusted and re-seated inline and have far larger sealing areas than similar sized ball valves.


      A sleeved metallic non lubricated valve available in a wide range of alloys to suit process conditions. They offer total line shut off and is readily adjustable in the line.   

      Durco G4 Plug Valve  


      Evolving the T4 lined plug valve, the T4E has a PFA lined body and plug, there is never a need to replace seats and the valve plug can be re-seated inline.

        Durco T4E Plug Valve


      An evolution of the successful G4 plug valve incorporating ISO5211 top works. Has a large sealing area typically 10x greater than ball valves .

        Durco G4E Plug Vlave


      A 3 way bottom entry plug valve used in diverter, mixing and transflow services.

        Durco MG4 Plug Vlave

      G4Z / G4EZ

      Fire sealed derivatives of the G4/E plug valves, tested and approved to API 607.

        Durco G4Z/G4EZ Plug Valve

      Mach 1

      A high performance plug valve with reduced turning torque and replaceable seats.

        Durco Mach 1 Plug Valve

      G4EB / Marathon

      Designed for high cycle applications with special stem sealing providing fugitive emission containment.

      Durco G4EB / Marathon



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