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      High Permeation Performance Piping Systems

      Bromine along with other members of the halogen family is highly reactive, this can lead over time to particles permeating through fluoropolymer linings used to carry this highly corrosive chemical. Working closely with a global agricultural chemical manufacturer CRP has developed a special lined piping range utilising super-weight paste extruded PTFE liners and PFA moulded fittings.
      PFA is well known for its excellent permeation properties often double that of PTFE and a natural choice for Bromine applications. Life spans of piping are extended by supplying extra heavy wall PTFE liners thicker than our standard heavy wall liners.
      We also can offer Ultra HiPerFlon liners, where we use a modified PTFE polymer to provide higher permeation resistance. for more information please download our datasheet here.

      For further information on permeation and its affects on fluoropolymers please click here

      Bromine Piping Specification

    1.  PFA lined fittings – Heavy wall typically 5mm or more thick.
    2.  PTFE paste extruded liners. Offer superior permeation resistance than isostatically formed liners.
    3.  ¼” vent bosses supplied at each end of pipe spools, fitted with PTFE vent plugs, help minimise local corrosion.  
    4.  Van Stone flanged ends on pipe spools for easy bolt hole alignment on site
    5.  All usual CRP quality, testing & inspection standards adhered to. 


      Typical permeation failure of isostatically formed liner

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