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      Static Dissipating [Anti-Static] Piping Systems

      CRP manufactures lined pipe and fittings with static dissipating liners, commonly referred to as having ‘Antistatic’ properties. By combining the PTFE or PFA fluoropolymers with a small amount of carbon filler the liners are able to conduct any build up of static from the bore of the pipe to the steelwork.

      Why use Static Dissipating Lined Piping?
      There are many ways that electrostatic charge can be generated and accumulate. Static electricity develops when two different materials are brought together and then separated, one of the materials acquires electrons from the other material and becomes positively charged. We have all experienced this when walking across carpet and subsequently receiving a mild shock
      when touching a metal filing cabinet. Whilst this is harmless enough within an office environment, on a site with flammable substances, even the smallest of spark can ignite the explosive mixture with catastrophic results.

      In pipe lines carrying low conductivity fluids, the fluid can lose some of its electrons and these can accumulate or ‘charge’ the pipework. This process is known as flow electrification, the charge build up increases as flow velocity and pipe nominal bore increase.

      CRPs standard virgin fluoropolymers have excellent insulating properties typically 1016 ohms, so in certain situations electrical charge can accumulate on the liner surface through flow electrification. CRPs static dissipating liners allow any build up of charge to safely dissipate through the liner to the steel pipe. For the electrical charge to dissipate to earth the steel pipe must be sufficiently earthed, typically using earth bonding clamps, spikie washers, star washers on bolts, earthing studs or lugs etc. CRP are able to supply the pipe spool with earth studs/lugs or spikie earthing washers already welded or fitted in position.

      o aid with earth bonding of the steel pipe CRP has specially developed our own Spikey™ washer which is a very cost effective of alternative earth bonding straps, for further information on this product please click here.
      For further information on earth studs please click here.

      The fillers used to provide the electrical continuity do not impair in any way the mechaAnti Static PFA Lined Crossnical and chemical resistance of the liners. They exhibit the same performance as virgin liners, the conducting agent used within the liners are stable and are not subjected to chemical attack and will not leach into the process fluids.

      All of our lined pipe and fittings range can be supplied with static dissipating liners, we can also supply ball valves, check valves, sight glasses etc. with static dissipating liners. For more information on our range of piping please use the menu on the left.

      Please give our sales office a call on 01706 756 400 for further information or download our "Guarding against Explosion" brochure here.

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567