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      Dip Pipes & Entry Pipes

      Dip Pipes

      Dip pipes have a wide array of uses. Typically they are used to chPTFE Lined Dip Pipes arge a reactor below the liquid level, to extract samples from the reactor as part of one of our sampling systems, Or to drain liquid from a vessel without the need of side or bottom outlet.

      CRP dip pipes are manufactured from a carbon steel fabricated construction with a continuously lined paste extrusion PTFE liner. One piece of PTFE liner lines and protects both the inner and outer diameters of the dip pipe. Our advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to produce dip pipes without any pinched or welded ends eliminating a potential weak point completely.

      For more information on dip pipes click here or use the menu on the right.

      Entry Pipes

      Where there is little need for mechanical strength offered by CRPs lined steel dip pipes, CRPs Entry pipes can be an ideal low cost solution to introduce liquor into a storage vessel etc.

      They are also widely used to line vessel nozzles to protect glass linings etc from mechanical damage.

      CRP can often manufacture these liners to exact sizes to ensure snug fit, for further information please use the menu on the right.

      Anti Siphon Systems

      As dip pipes are typically submerged in the liquid within a vessel in certain situation a siphonic affect can be created which could in effect drain the vessel. Our anti siphon systems vent the gasses within the head of the reactor vessel to the top of the dip pipe braking the symphonic affect and leaving the vessel full.

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      Dip Pipes/Entry Pipes

      How to Specify Dip Pipes

      Dip pipes have many attributes to their design, CRP has had many years of experience in designing and manufacturing dip pipes. To help our customers our engineers have created an in depth introduction to the specification of dip pipes, for further information please click here.