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      Lined Piping - Spacers

      For shorter pipe spools it is not really practical to supply spools with flanges as either the nuts / bolts do not fit or there is insufficient space for flanges or both. For these short lengths we supply spacers, these are a wafer style designed to be bolted between two mating flanges. The outer diameters of the spacers corresponds with I.B.C. dimensions to fit snugly within the joint. To maintain the appropriate working pressures whilst keeping costs down we use three different types depending on the length for each given nominal bore.

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      Type 3

      For lengths which are just a little too short to be a pipe spool we use a Type 3 spacer, this is effectively a pipe spool without flanges being manufactured from lined steel pipe with 2 off welded stub ends as used on a pipe spool with PTFE paste extruded liner flared each end.

       PTFE Lined Spacers

      Type 2

      For spacers too short where we cannot weld 2 stub ends, we manufacture the steel from a solid billet machined to the correct length and then lined with PTFE extruded tube flared each end – the Type 2.

       PTFE Lined Spacers

      Type 1

      For the shortest lengths of spacer we supply a solid ring of PTFE – the Type 1. Because these do not have the support of a steel housing they can only safely be used for short lengths.

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