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      PFA Lined Hose Adaptors

      Hoses offer great flexibility on site when connecting to tankers etc, but at some point they are connected to the plant process line. CRP offers a range of interconnecting hose adaptors allowing the flanged PTFE lined process piping to be terminated in a quick release hose connection. All are lined in PFA so excellent corrosion resistance is assured.

       Camlock / Cam and Groove Type
      •  Conforms to DIN EN 14420-7 specifications.
      •  316 Stainless steel body.
      •  PFA lining Compatible with almost all known chemicals.
      •  Grooved to lock liner in position for vacuum operation.
      •  Precision cast and machined body.
      •  Available to suit from 1” 1.1/2" and 2” nominal bores.
      •  Teflon PFA linings fully FDA compliant.
      •  Available with DIN / ASME / BS10 flanges etc.
      •  Dust caps and chains can be supplied too.
       PFA Lined Hose Adaptors

      Many hose adaptor types can be manufactured, please give our sales team a call to discuss further on  01706 756 400

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567