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      Multipurpose Pharmaceutical Batch Processors 

      Many plants now being operated within Pharmaceutical bulk active products manufacturing and supporting contract chemicals manufacturers need to be able to handle a wide variety of different production processes and need to be very flexible.  The extremely wide resistance to corrosion of PTFE and related polymers makes them ideally suited for use in these industries.  In combination with glassed steel batch reactors a highly corrosion resistant plant can be constructed, which can be used with an extremely wide number
      of chemicals. 

      The materials in contact with the process fluids do not impart any contaminants into the reactions and preserve the purity of the products. 
      These processes are regulated by authorities such as the FDA and it is very important that the quality and makeup of every component within the production plant can be verified and traced from initial materials through to final product. 
      To enable this to be achieved without the need to produce large amounts of documentation for every component our entire manufacturing is accredited to ISO9001:2000 standard and every single item we ship to customers is fully traceable back through our manufacturing system.
      For complex multi purpose plant projects we are able to supply materials specifically identified, packed and shipped by discrete isometric drawing number and item number ensuring that every component supplied may be installed in its nominated position within the plant.

      Often multi purpose plants have very demanding space constraints which makes periodic painting and maintenance of external surfaces difficult and expensive to carry out.  Our newly developed range of cost effective externally corrosion resistant lined piping products, based on cast stainless steel fittings and schedule 10 Van Stone spools brings such specifications within economically sensible reach for the first time.  As an additional advantage in applications such as filter drier areas and final production stages of the bulk active chemical the possibility of particles of external paint coating being carried in the atmosphere is eliminated bringing additional security to the final product

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