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      Crop Science

      For many years the industry was primarily based on the production of inorganic fertilisers based on delivering basic elements such as nitrogen, potassium and phosphates to the soil on application (the so called NPK fertilisers). There are several production process routes using nitric acid, sulphuric acid, and ammonia feed stocks. Some of the chemicals used in these generally very large scale processes are corrosive and PTFE lined products especially for handling the acids are often used due to their ability to resist corrosion at temperatures up to 200 deg C. CRP has a range of lined pipe and fittings available up to 12” (300mm) nominal bore, which are suitable for handling the large volumes these plants require on a continuous basis. Lined taper plug, butterfly and ball valves utilising PFA and PTFE linings have also been supplied and provide extended life in service in the basic fertiliser industry.
      In more recent years a very wide range of specialised chemicals has been developed to tackle a wide range of crop diseases and infestations. The production of very specific fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides has contributed to the reduction in spoilage and the consequent increase in yield for very many different crops. Typically these products are made in relatively small production runs and use very complex organic chemistry in the production processes. The plants that produce herbicides, fungicides and pesticides have to handle highly corrosive and very toxic chemicals and intermediate products. The use of PTFE and PFA products is widespread throughout this sector of the crop science industry. CRP products are found in every area of production and include PFA lined ball valves, taper plug valves, check valves and butterfly valves, PFA lined fittings, PTFE lined pipe spools, some in special heavy duty execution to handle bromine, PFA lined in line sampling vales and safety enclosures, and many specialised fabrications that we have supplied on a custom designed basis to solve problems that have arisen in the process.

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