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      Specialty Chemicals

      This category of chemical production is used to describe a very wide range of products ranging from automotive, construction, healthcare, gels, resins, coatings, paper chemicals and many more.

      CRP supplies PTFE lined piping, valves, sampling systems and associated products to many producers within these industries.  A major world renowned producer of soluble polymers used as water absorbents and polyelectrolyte materials used as flocculants for the water treatment industry extensively uses CRP PTFE and PFA lined products to resist corrosion, avoid metal contamination of the product, and to provide a low friction pipe line system to handle non Newtonian fluids and hence reduce the effect of clogging in the lines.

      The production of ion exchange resins involves the use of highly corrosive chemicals in the manufacturing process.  CRP has many years of experience in supplying PTFE lined piping for plants producing anionic and cationic ion exchange resins used to produce pure water for used in the power generation, automotive and biotechnology industries all of which use ultra pure water within their processes.

      The production of semiconductor chips demands ultrapure chemicals due to the extreme miniaturisation of the products and processes within the plants.  A typical application where CRP PFA and PTFE lined products are used to prevent contamination is in the production of ultrapure sulphuric acid used within the etching process in semiconductor production.  A condition of the supply of the ultrapure acid is the absence of any iron pick up.  Contamination renders the ultrapure product out of specification and its value is dramatically reduced from that of a very specialised product to that of bulk sulphuric acid.  The use of PTFE and PFA lined product eliminates the danger of iron pick up from the piping and valves, and the transportation of the product in special ISO containers lined with Fluoropolymers further protects the product from contamination.  The use of PFA lining for the pipe fittings and paste extruded PTFE for the pipe spools is preferred over other methods of PTFE lining due to the superior surface qualities and release properties over the more granular surface produced by other PTFE lining methods.

      The production of silicone products and their intermediate silcanes involves the use of methylene chloride and hydrochloric acid in high concentration at elevated temperatures.  Many of the exotic materials available are not suitable as they are corroded by the combinations of chemicals used in the processes.  The use of fluoropolymer lined products is extensive throughout the bulk base materials manufacturing area of the process and large nominal bore line sizes are required in the operation of the high volume continuous processing that is utilised.  CRP has extensive experience in this area of the speciality chemicals market, and has supplied lined ball valves up to 12” (300mm) nominal bore, lined vessels, special products and lined piping.

      The production of fumed silica which is used in a wide variety of products but especially as a viscosity control agent in healthcare products also utilises elevated temperature and corrosive chemicals in part of the process. CRP has extensively supplied PTFE and PFA lined piping products and valves predominantly associated with the distillation plant which recovers and recycles chemicals within the process.  The application is very demanding and CRP is able to offer products specially adapted to the process requirements.

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