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      Fine Chemical Production

      Fine chemicals are those that are normally intermediate products in the chemical synthesis of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).  Many of the fine chemical producers act as contract producers or toll manufacturers for major pharmaceutical or chemical companies and fulfil the role of low volume flexible producers who can supply smaller batches of product with relatively short lead times.
      In order to be able to fulfil this requirement plants have to be designed as general purpose or multi purpose units and be capable of handling a wide variety of chemical processes normally on a batch basis.  In this industry the ability to work with a very wide range of different chemicals and to ensure that no cross contamination occurs the choice of materials of construction is critical.  For this reason the use of PTFE lined equipment is widespread.
      Typically PFA lined valves, piping, sampling systems, sight glasses and check valves are installed in association with glass enamel reactors and this enables the plant owner to operate with the maximum flexibility required to fulfil the industry demands.
      The modular nature of the PTFE lined plant means that disassembly either for manual decontamination of for reconfiguration for new processes can be carried out relatively easily and most of the components can be reused.
      Because of the very short lead times between the requirement for the chemical product need arising and the delivery time required the reconfiguration and rebuilding of plant has to be achieved within a very short time scale.  CRP has developed advanced project materials management systems to ensure that materials arrive at the right place in the right time for such projects.  Starting from piping isometric drawings received we manage the whole project requirement by individual isometric and manufacture, mark, pack and ship the components per drawing and in the priority order requested by our customers.
      This operating method and the high quality of our PFA lined fittings and our paste extruded PTFE liners has led to CRP being the supplier of choice for the fine chemicals producers in those areas where we operate.

      Contact Details

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