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      Kammer Control Valves - Materials of Construction

      Kammer has been supplying control valves into a wide assortment of applications for nearly 50 years, their products have evolved over this time to produce the widest range of control valves. In 2002 they added the PFA lined control valve to their range to service customer with highly corrosive processes. 

      The body is manufactured from ductile iron GGG 40.3 equivalent to ASTM A395. It is a one piece cast construction and is suitable for use down to – 29 bar g. It is protected with a 2 pack epoxy primer in blue.

      The bonnet is manufactured from GGG 40.3 too, when assembled to the body there is a metal to metal seal reducing the need to maintain this seal with retightening of bolts etc.

      Linings, the body and top cap are lined with virgin PFA, with its outstanding corrosion resistance. The lining is moulded within the body at high temperatures and is locked into place with ‘T’ shaped grooves machined into the housing.

      All wetted parts are fluoropolymers, either PFA or modified PTFE, with the exception of a few special low flow trims where Hastelloy is used.

      The stem is manufactured from stainless steel but as an option can be supplied in stainless steel.

      The bellows seal is manufactured from modified PTFE and each seal is tested to 16 barg at 120 degrees C to ensure the integrity. Type tests have confirmed that the bellows seal is still suitable for use at 16 bar g at 200 degrees C way surpassing the capabilities of the valve itself. 

      Seats and plugs are easily replaced or interchanged with a simple screwed fitment. These are produced from modified PTFE or Hastelloy depending on flow arrangement, generally Hastelloy being supplied for low flows less than 2.5 Kvs and TF and TFE being used for larger ports.

      For more information or a quotation please contact our sales office; 01706 756 400 or email enquiry@crp.co.uk


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