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      Kammer Control Valves - Key Components

      The Kammer control valve is linear in operation based on globe valve principle where the spindle is lifted or lowered into the seat to allow more or less flow.
      The valve size range starts at DN15 / ½”NB up to DN150 / 6”NB and is available with DIN PN 10/16 or ASME 150 flanges.

      The stem connects to the diaphragm actuator and has an integral blow out proof design.

      The bonnet is mounted and compresses the PFA lining and the bellows to form a seal, however it has been carefully engineered so that it finally mounts tight against the body as metal to metal so that there is no remaining play between the two providing a robust actuator mounting platform.

      The body is PFA lined ductile iron providing the best all round corrosion resistance.

      The seat and plug are screwed in place and can be interchanged to provide different flow rates or characteristics.

      The body is available in both ASME 150 and DIN PN10/16 flanged configurations.

      For further information please contact our sales office on 01706 756400 or email enquiry@crp.co.uk

      Contact Details

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