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      Check Valves

      CRP supply both the Atomac range of ball and check valves and manufacturer our own range of FluoroFlow spring assisted poppet check valves. The size range spans from ½”NB to 16”NB so we are likely to have a PFA lined check valve in our range to suit your requirement. We also offer combination sightglass / check valves for specialist applications. All valves in our range have PFA moulded linings for compatibility with the most corrosive and toxic chemicals and are all suitable for use up to 200 o C. Check valves have many uses within process lines, typically to maintain static head on pump discharges, prevent product batch contamination, provide simple nitrogen blanket control etc. We are confident we will have a valve suitable for your application.


      FPCV – Flanged poppet Check Valve – 3 Piece design

      Atomac ARV2 / SG - Bulls Eye Sight Glass with integral PTFE Ball Check Valve

      Atomac ARL - Y Type Ball Check Valve

      WPCV – Wafer Style Poppet Check Valve
      Crush resistant PFA lined steel body designed to fit between 2 flanges. Available from ½”NB to 4”NB with hastelloy spring, can be supplied with many different ‘cracking pressures’ and also with a PTFE coated hastelloy spring.

      ARV2 – Flanged Long Pattern Ball Check Valve
      Manufactured by Atomac with a solid PTFE ball this check valve is ideal for use in slurry lines.

      FPCV – Flanged Poppet Check Valve
      The FPCV is a long pattern flanged check valve, full bore design provides maximum flow through the valve, it has a very robust PFA lined cast steel 2 piece body.

      FPCV – Flanged poppet Check Valve – 3 Piece design

      For more uncommon sizes or special flange configurations we offer a 3 piece FPCV design.

      SPCV - Integrated Poppet Check Valve / Tubular Sight Glass

      All the benefits of our CTSG tubular sight glass combined with a spring assisted poppet check valve in one cost and space saving unit.

      BFSG – Combination Floating Ball Check Valve / Tubular Sight Glass
      Often used to prevent fluid travelling down vacuum lines saving on costly vacuum pump repairs. The hollow PTFE ball allows gas to flow unhindered through the sight glass section.

      ARV2 / SG – Bulls Eye Sight Glass with integral PTFE Ball Check Valve
      With pressure rating up to 19 barg this check valve is very robust, having integrated borosilicate windows each side of the ball check assembly makes it very easy to see if there is flow through the valve.

      ARL - Y Type Ball Check Valve

      Flanged PFA lined ball check valve with angled ball run making it ideal for use in horizontal pipelines.

      ARK2 - Swing Check Valve
      One of the latest additions to the Atomac range a fully PFA lined swing check valve with tapered seat making it suitable in both horizontal and vertical pipelines, available up to 16”NB. 

      STCV - Swing Check Valve
      Swing check valve with retained disc to suit both unlined and lined piping systems. All wetted parts PFA

      Contact Details

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      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567