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      Atomac ARV2 Ball Check Valve

      The ARV2 is a ball check valve, under normal flow the valves solid PTFE ball is pushed away from it’s seat and fluid flows through the valve,  in a backwards flow condition the ball is pushed firmly back into it’s seat and prevents flow through the valve stopping process contamination etc.

      To Suit ASME 150 Piping Systems  -  Click here for Din PN10/16 piping systems

       Atomac ARV2 Flanged Long Pattern Ball Check ValveAtomac ARV2 Ball Check Valve Diagram 

      To suit pipework NB Face -Face A
      Inches mm mm
      1/2" 15 130
      3/4" 20 150
      1" 25 152
      1.1/2" 40 178
      2" 50 203
      3" 80 241
      4" 100 292
      6" 150 356
      8" 200 457

      The valve has a 2 piece design with PFA lined ductile iron body and stainless steel fasteners. The PFA liner is securely locked in to its housing with T slots. Its use of PTFE and PFA means that it has near universal process corrosion resistance. The valve has a full port developed especially to minimise any pressure loss through the valve.

      *CRP recommend that the ARV2 is only used in vertical applications, for horizontal applications we recommend the use of the FPCV. The ARV2 can be used in horizontal applications but careful consideration of flow conditions must be given. The ARV2 can be supplied with hollow PTFE balls that can float on the process media.

      If the ARV2 is of interest to you please contact us on 01706 756 400  or enquiry@crp.co.uk

      Contact Details

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      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
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