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      FPCV- Flanged Poppet Check Valve

      The FPCV is a non-return valve used to allow fluid to flow in only one direction and prevent flow in the other. This is accomplished by utilising a Hastelloy spring pushing a PTFE poppet against a machined seat. Fluid flows through the valve opening the poppet and freely flowing through the valve. However if the flow reverses direction the poppet is forced into the seat, sealing the valve and preventing flow.

      To Suit ASME 150 and Din PN10/16 Piping Systems


      The FPCV has an investment cast PFA lined body offering a very robust design. It is a long pattern poppet check valve with ASME 150 flanged end connections. All wetted parts are PTFE, PFA and Hastelloy. The spring assisted poppet ensures that it can be widely used in both vertical and horizontal pipelines.
      Different flange options are available with our 3 piece design. 

      If the FPCV is of interest to you please contact us on 01706 756 400  or enquiry@crp.co.uk

      Contact Details

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