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      Butterfly Valves – BTV2000 range

      CRP are the UK distributor for Flowserve’s Durco BTV2000 range of PFA / PTFE lined butterfly valves. Flowserve were the first company to introduce a fluoropolymer lined butterfly valve to the CPI market more than 40 years ago and have built on their success since. CRP supply three types of this range, all have the same internal wetted parts and seal arrangements, only their body types differ.

      Wafer Pattern BTW

      The BTW valve is a wafer style, designed to fit within the inner bolt circle of connecting bolts between the two mating flanges.

        Durco Wafer Pattern BTW

      Lugged Pattern BTL

      The BTL is a lugged style valve with a full flange diameter body typically supplied with threaded flange bolt holes to be used at end of a pipe line to provide isolation. They can also be supplied with through bolt holes.

        Durco Lugged Pattern BTL

      Long Pattern Wafer Style

      Further product enhancements have seen the introduction of a long pattern butterfly valve with a wider body designed to overcome some of the issues in fitting butterfly valves in reduced bore piping. The wider body allows more clearance for the disc to open avoiding contact with the mating piping,  negating the need for special spacers.

        Durco Long Pattern Wafer Style Butterfly Valve

      All the valves share many common design features ensuring excellent stem and line sealing. The PTFE body liner is machined in one piece from a solid PTFE billet offering superior performance than other manipulated PTFE designs. All three body types are manufactured from a 2 piece cast ductile iron body. The PTFE body liner is live loaded with a viton non wetted energiser giving bubble tight shut off against the PFA lined disc.

      All wetted parts are PTFE / PFA offering outstanding corrosion resistance. The stem seals are live loaded with triple stem seals, a primary ball and socket seal around the disc hub, secondary machined PFA convolutions and PTFE seals and finally  a pair of o-rings to stop any atmospheric leakage.
      For erosive services we can offer the BTV2000 range with UHMWPE liners which will far outlast old fashioned rubber lined valves. The valve size range stretches from 2” NB up to 24” NB, we can supply the valves to suit both ASME 150 and PN 10 / 16 piping systems.

      For further information on the valve types please use the links above or the menu on the left.

      If you would like further information or a quote please contact on 01706 756400 or email to enquiry@crp.co.uk

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567

      Further Information

      • Please use the menus on the left for further information on our lined butterfly valves.
      • Stainless Steel Valves  - We can supply the BTV2000 range of butterfly valves with a PTFE lined stainless steel bodies.
      • One Piece body liner - Machined from a solid PTFE billet.   
      • Actuation - CRP have many years experience in actuating valves and carry stocks of Norbro and Automax actuators.