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      Lined Butterfly Valve Options

      The BTV2000 butterfly valve range has many options which have been developed to suit specific processes. Below are examples of the options available.

      Body Material Options

      Ductile Iron – Standard body material.
      Stainless steel – For clean rooms and difficult external environmental conditions.

      Body Liner Options

      Virgin PTFE – Near universal corrosion resistance to chemicals and compounds.

      UHMWPE – Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene for severe erosion service.

      Disc Material Options

      PFA encapsulated ductile iron – Near universal process compatibility
      TiPd – Palladium stabilised Titanium offers high corrosion and abrasion resistance.

      Exotic alloys – Monel, Ferralium, Hastelloy etc.

      Chlorine Valves

      BTV valve supplied cleaned, dried and sealed in a plastic bag.


      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567

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