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      BTV2000 Type BTL – Lugged Style Butterfly Valve

      This lugged style butterfly valve has a full flange face diameter and thread bolt holes, the valve can also be supplied with through holes if required. The valve has a robust design with many unique features developed from many years of manufacturing experience. Typically supplied with a ductile iron body with PTFE body liner, with the disc being ductile iron encapsulated in PFA. With all wetted parts PTFE / PFA the valve can be used in highly corrosive applications and is ideally suit to our lined piping systems. The valve can also be supplied with stainless steel body for clean room applications or for use in highly corrosive environments. The disc can be supplied in unlined stainless steel, titanium palladium alloys and UHMWPE liners.


        Durco Lugged Pattern BTL 

      The BTV2000 butterfly valve can be supplied bare stem, with a 10 position locking lever or with an enclosed gearbox, of course we are able to supply the valve complete with an actuator. The valve has 3 separate stem seals preventing any fugitive emissions.  The PTFE body liner is machined from a single PTFE billet to maintain total integrity. Behind the PTFE liner a viton energiser acts on the PTFE body live loading the body seal against the PFA disc to give positive bubble tight shut off. Available in size range from 2” to 24” in both ASME 150 and DIN executions.

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