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      CRP FluoroFlow PTFE Expansion Bellows

      The FluoroFlow Bellows (FFB) range has been engineered over 40 years to compensate for thermal expansion in pipelines, for the protection of fragile process equipment such as graphite, plastic or glass and the isolation of vibration hazards.  PTFE bellows come into their own for corrosive, high purity or hot applications. CRP has some unique manufacturing processes based upon the use of paste extruded PTFE, and a proprietary convolution process. These have been independently tested by the internationally recognised safety and quality group TüV for both traditional short term bench mark performance testing and innovative long term pressure increase testing. Bellows are manufactured at our facility in North Manchester.

      The Product Family

      The Teflon® expansion joints range covers 19 sizes from DN25/1” to DN900/36”.  They are manufactured in two materials—virgin PTFE and static dissipating PTFE.  FluoroFlow Bellows in sizes DN25/1” to DN150/6” are available in extra heavy duty only.   For larger diameters there is a choice of two wall thicknesses—a heavy duty (HD) and extra heavy duty (XHD).  The bellows can be manufactured with 2 to 10 convolutions.  However, this is just the standard  product. The flexibility of the manufacturing method is such that many special configurations can be produced to meet specific customer requirements. ASME class 150, DIN PN 10 / 16 and other flanges types can be readily supplied.

      For higher pressure rating products than PTFE alone can withstand we have our range of armoured bellows (FFAB) where the PTFE is surrounded by a high pressure retaining stainless steel shell.

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      Please call our sales office on +44 (0)1706 756 400 

      We offer FluoroFlow bellows as an alternative to Fluroflex bellows.

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567