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      Lined Ball Valves for Special Applications 

      Flowserve have developed special application derivatives of their range of Atomac lined ball valves. Whilst these valves still have all wetted parts in PFA to ensure compatibility with nearly all chemicals and all of the product features of the standard valve they have additional features to suit particular processes.

      Chlorine Valves

      Atomac chlorine valves are supplied thoroughly cleaned and dried and supplied packaged in an air tight sealed bag. To prevent any trapped media held within the bore of a closed ball valve expanding and damaging the valve, we can supply balls with a side vent hole to the upstream, or with special vented seat rings.

      Extended Stem Packing

      The seal pack on the existing valve is extended with additional cup and cone seals, a fugitive emissions or ‘sniffer port’ is provided within the seal pack arrangement to give early indication of any emissions. The seal pack is live loaded with belleville washers.

      Cavity Flush

      Specially developed to clean any deposits on the surfaces of the closed ball bore.

      Contact Details

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      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
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