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      Special Balls for Atomac Ball Valves

      As well as the standard cylindrical ported ball, we can offer lined ball valves with other types of balls to suit specific process conditions.


      V Ported Ball
      Used in precise flow control, typically the valve is supplied actuated with a positioner controlling the valve movement, CRP can supply these control valve packages fully assembled and tested.


      Slotted Ball
      This ball gives inherent linear flow characteristics across the valve travel.


      ‘C’ Ball
      Used to prevent product hold up with the cavity of the ball. We supply our sampling systems with this type of ball to prevent any cross contamination between samples.

      Vented Ball

      Usually vented up stream the ball has a small diameter hole drilled through the side of the valve to prevent pressure build up within the bore of the valve ball, widely used in chlorine processes.


      Ceramic Ball
      Used to convey slurries with erosive properties, the hard ceramic finish is more resilient against the  abrasive particles than PFA lined balls.

      AKH3 PFA lined ball valve cw V port ball used to accurately control process flow.

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