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      AKH2.2 Full Bore Long Pattern Ball Valve

      The AKH2.2 is a further development on the immensely successful AKH2 ball valve. The valve features a two piece PFA lined ductile iron body with unique metal to metal body seal to prevent any pipework vibrations or thermal cycling forces acting upon the PFA dynamic body seal.

      To Suit ASME 150 Piping Systems - Click here for Din PN10/16 piping systems

      Atomac AKH2.2 Ball Valve   
      To suit pipework NB Face - Face
      CL to end of wrench CL to top of wrench
      Inches mm mm mm mm
      1/2" 15 130 160 120
      3/4" 20 150 160 120
      1" 25 152.4 160 123
      1.1/2" 40 178 210 145
      2" 50 203 210 160
      3" 80 241 313 207
      4" 100 292 313 220

      Chevron stem packing with live loaded Belleville washers has received TA Luft approval. Large seat sealing areas reduce turbulence across the seat. All wetted parts are PFA with PTFE seals to ensure long life in even the most corrosive processes. The valve is manufactured by Atomac who have been the leading manufacturer of fluoropolymer lined valves for over 30 years. The AKH2.2 has many features that make it one of the best lined ball valves in the world, cavity filled seats ensure minimum product hold up. T slots machined in to the cast body ensure the PFA liner is secured making it suitable for operation in vacuum conditions. Stainless steel fasteners ensure long term protection from external corrosion. The floating ball offers low turning torques and low pressure positive bubble tight sealing. The seats, ball, stem and stem packing all easily replaceable on site allowing easy maintenance and overhaul.


      Contact Details

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