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      Ball Valves

      CRP has supplied the Atomac range of lined ball valves for 25 years. They are the market leader often innovating with new designs such as the new ASME 300 valve and swing check valve. The whole range of valves are suitable for operation from -60 O C up to 200O C. With pressures up to 19 barg for ASME 150 flanged valves. They incorporate many features you would expect in a high integrity valve like blow-out proof stems, floating ball design, cavity filled seats, 2 piece body design, replaceable seats / balls etc. The whole range has PFA fluoropolymer liners for use in highly corrosive processes and the most demanding applications.


      Full bore ball valve is widely used throughout the world in harsh chemical and pharmaceutical plants, Utilising a full port design minimises pressure losses and increases flow capacities  

        Atomac AKH2 Ball valve


      This valve has been developed offering the benefits of a full bore valve with a cost and space saving shorter body to ASME B16.10.

         Atomac AKH2A Ball valve


      This ball valve is a short pattern reduced bore valve to ASME B16.10 offering cost savings over full port valves including smaller actuation requirements.

        Atomac AKH3 Ball Valve


      With a PFA lined Stainless Steel body the valve is based on the successful AKH2A.  Ideal for reducing any external contamination from paint chips or where the external air is corrosive. Aesthetically they look great coupled with our range of stainless steel lined piping around reactor heads etc.

         Atomac Atostar


      A further development of the AKH2 with enhanced metal to metal rigid body seals and live loaded stem seals.


        Atomac AKH2.2 Ball Valve


      Multiport 3 way ball valves supplied with either an L or T port for use in diverter and mixing applications.

         Atomac AMP3 Ball Valve


      The valve has all the properties of the full bore AKH2 but with a full ASME300 working pressure envelope, typically used in chlorine processes.

      Atomac AKH2-300 Ball Valve


      Primarily designed as a tank drain valve with a reduced port.

      Atomac AKH6 Ball Valve


      For use in glass piping systems with flange connections to suit Schott glass configurations etc.

        Atomac AKH7 Ball Valve

      Elbow Valve

      Designed specifically to prevent product hold up in 90 degree bends by integrating a purge valve into the bend, a great compact valve

      Elbow Valve

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