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      Quality System

      CRP is an ISO 9001:2015 approved company.  Originally accredited to BS5750 Part 1 in 1992, CRP has maintained this accreditation since then, through a process of continuous third party surveillance with, six monthly, annual and triennial audits taking place. All of the company’s manufacture and test procedures fall within this regime.
      CE Marking
      On the 30th of May 2002, it became mandatory that all pressure equipment covered by the Pressure Equipment Directive (brought into UK law as the Pressure Equipment Regulations), be compliant with its requirements when placed on the market.
      Under the requirements of the regulations, all of CRP’s products fall into the “piping” (as opposed to “vessels”) category. Some products are “pressure accessories” but in these cases their nominal bore is more important than their volume, and so are treated in the same way as piping.
      CRP’s products are designed to handle group 1 fluids (toxic, flammable, oxidising etc), and are designed to cope with liquids and gases (as opposed to liquids only). Therefore, we have assessed our products against Table 6 in the regulations. This means that all of our products above 1”NB have to be CE marked. All products of 1” and below must not be CE marked – they fall into the “Sound Engineering Practice” category of the regulations. For products of greater than 1” NB, they fall into category I, II or III depending upon their nominal bore and pressure rating (There is a category IV, but it is only relevant for vessels). To make getting and maintaining certification simple, CRP has opted to be assessed against the requirements of Module H (full quality assurance module for design, manufacture and testing, based upon our ISO 9000 quality management system) which covers category III products, but which can also be used for category I and II products. In addition, although we cannot put our category I and II products into category III, they are manufactured as though they were in category III.
      As proof that products are CE marked, CRP has opted to put a CE mark on every item it manufactures (excluding 1” and below NB). This marking takes the form of either an indelibly printed adhesive label, or high temperature plastic tag. Nb. For type 1 spacers and solid PTFE spectacle blinds, since it is impossible to mark the products, the label is attached to the bag in which the product is placed.
      Each order of product is sent out with a set of “User Instructions” (a booklet of instructions covering all of CRP’s products), and which contains a copy of our “Declaration of Conformity”. We also have a certificate from our Notified Body (Britich Engineering Services) to say that we have been successfully assessed against the requirements of Modules D1, E1 and H of Annexe III.
      The one exception to our CE marking policy is field flare spools. After discussions with the DTI and the HSE, we have agreed that we cannot CE mark them, because they are not a finished manufacted item.  Rather, we have produced a “Technical Note” to provide purchasers with the information they require, thus allowing them to CE mark field flare spools once they have finished manufacturing them.
      All Flowserve products (Atomac and Durco) are CE marked. As with CRP products, each individual valve has a CE mark on it, and each order for Flowserve products is sent with a set of Operating Instructions.

      Our approvals can be found here.

      Please click here to download our quality policy

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567