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      Our Customers

      CRP's products are supplied to many different customers and processes, below you will find some typical examples. Our lined products are used to convey the most corrosive, toxic and hazardous chemicals known to man.


      CRP supply equipment to all the main Pharmaceutical companies in the UK. Large scale project supply has seen the completion of  several pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with all the lined piping and valves being supplied by CRP both in the UK and abroad.

      There are hundreds of derivatives of petrochemicals that can be manufactured from petroleum. Some of the additives used are very corrosive and toxic, our PTFE lined piping is used successfully to convey these products.
      Biodiesel Production
      In the manufacture of biodiesel a strong base – typically sodium hydroxide is used as a catalyst to help with the reaction, PTFE lined pipe and valves are used to convey this highly corrosive chemical.
      Crop Science
      The production of biocides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticide involves the use of highly corrosive chemicals, CRP have supplied large amounts of PTFE lined piping and valves to these manufacturers.
      Ink / Toner Manufacturers
      The manufacture of toners for inkjet and laser printers is very complex involving the use of highly corrosive chemicals, PTFE lined pipe is the cost effective solution to convey these.
      Most large scale projects are managed by contractors and design houses, we work very closely with these to keep costs to a minimum, we are able to offer many value adding, money saving services to ensure projects run smoothly.
      Chemical Manufacturing
      Many chemical manufacturers use CRP lined piping products in their facilities, feed stock chemicals such as bromine, sulphuric acid, nitric acid etc are all corrosive and require the use of corrosion resistant piping – PTFE lined piping is the ideal solution.
      Fine Chemical Manufacturers
      Manufacturing of chemical substances for use in manufacturing drugs, commonly called APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) often involves the use of highly corrosive substances. PTFE lined pipe is widely used to convey such substances, it is FDA approved and is easily cleanable.
      Food Manufacturers
      PTFE lined pipe has excellent non stick properties, which can be used to solve process problems with very viscous food stuffs such as margarines etc. We have recently successfully helped to overcome blockage issues in such a plant.
      Drinks Manufacturers
      Phosphoric, acidic, ascorbic and other acids are commonly used in soft drink production,. As well as these, caustic solutions are used to clean the piping between production runs. Some piping components are in contact with very high concentrations of these chemicals leading to premature corrosion of the stainless steel piping used, we have supplied PTFE lined components to replace these failing lines to safely convey these chemicals.
      Process Plant Manufacturers
      CRP can help with the design and specification of components required in the manufacture of process skid units, process packages etc utilising PTFE and PFA lined products. Our piping and valves are often used around specialist components such as filter assemblies, dryers, scrubbers etc.
      Aerospace Manufacturers
      Alloys used in aircraft manufacture sometimes need aggressive cleaning using acidic and caustic solutions, our lined pipe and valves help with the safe containment of these cleaning fluids.  
      Water Treatment
      Chemicals such as Chlorine and Sodium hypochlorite are extensively used in water treatment plants. Whilst these are diluted significantly with the water, the pure chemical holding and injection / mixing lines are subject to corrosion. Our range of PFA and PTFE ball valves have been supplied into these applications.
      Power Stations
      Fossil fuelled power stations can suffer a variety of corrosion issues, the steam and cooling water requires treatments which can corrode steel piping and valves. By using PTFE lined pipe and valves on these applications prevents the corrosion of the equipment.
      Cleaning and Detergent Products
      Chemicals used in cleaner and detergents can derive from very corrosive and toxic chemicals, our PTFE lined piping has replaced many polypropylene and other thermoplastic piping systems which have prematurely failed on these applications.
      Flavour and Fragrance Enhancers
      Additives used in the manufacture of  these specialist food stuffs can encounter corrosion problems with some of the chemical reactions used, CRP supply lined piping and valves to these manufacturers to overcome these issues.
      Flowmeter Manufacturers
      For over 20 years CRP has supplied OEM fluoropolymer lining services to global scale flowmeter manufacturers. Fluoropolymers have excellent insulating characteristics as well as corrosive and no stick properties making them an ideal choice for this specialist market.
      Plastics Manufacturers
      Some of the base chemicals used in plastic manufacture are highly corrosive, for example the manufacture of PVC involves the handling of vinyl chloride, chloro ethane and hydrogen chloride all very corrosive and toxic substances, the use of PTFE lined piping is widespread in these industries.
      Tanker Manufacturers
      Our Durco range of plug valves are often specified to be fitted to ISO road tankers due to their excellent bubble tight shut off.

      Precious Metal Refiners
      Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium etc are recovered from used catalytic convertors. Very strong acids are used to remove the carbon steel materials and refine the product, CRP has provided lined piping and valves to these processors. 

      Paint Manufacturers
      Biocides are added to paints to prevent fungal growth, however these neat biocides can be quite corrosive, CRP supply PTFE lined piping and injection nozzles into these processes to paint manufacturers.

      Contact Details

      Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd
      Todmorden Road
      OL15 9EG

      Phone: +44(0)1706 756400
      Fax: +44(0)1706 379567